Bonnie and her Steak


Meet Bonnie-

Bonnie came to us for a crown that fell out. Upon the exam, it was discovered the she had multiple teeth that needed to be removed.
At the consult, she was surprised at the treatment plan of removing her teeth. She was told we could replace the teeth with dental implants.
Again, she was surprised at the cost and considered not doing them and just removing the teeth. We removed 4 very importnat teeth  (2 on each side) and put her in a partial denture. We bone grafted the extraction sites, which take 4-6 months to be ready for implants. She did not like that partial dentures and elected not to wear them. 4 months went by and we placed the implants. At this appointment she asked me when she was going to get to eat steak. We then had a few more follow up visits on the implants and again she asked me when she was going to be able to eat steak. The time came for the implants to be restored with teeth on them. I again heard about the steak. The day we placed the teeth, I had aranged  a steak dinner in our consult room. We placed the teeth and I led her into the consult room to show her, her steak. This was one of the top rewarding moments in my career. To see the smile on her face and her surprise. I had to return to other patients, but was told she didn’t leave a crumb on that plate! Here’s to Bonnie and her Steak!!!

– Dr. Johnston