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In the past, it took several weeks to get a dental implant made. The impression was taken in your dentist’s office, then sent off to a lab where the tooth crown was manufactured, then sent back to your dentist’s office for fitting. In the meantime, you would wear a temporary dental crown, which was not as attractive or as durable as your final crown would be. Now CEREC technology allows us to create your dental implants in one visit with a CEREC machine. You can leave wearing a permanent, attractive, all-ceramic dental crown that will last for years.


How CEREC Works

CEREC is what is known as a CAD/CAM system, short for computer-aided design and computer aided manufacture. The CEREC process for getting your dental crowns made begins the same as the regular process—your tooth is prepared in the traditional way. But instead of using plaster to make an impression of your teeth, a sophisticated digital image of your teeth is taken. A highly visible powder and digital camera are used to take an image of your teeth. This image comes right up on the monitor.

Then Dr. Jeff Johnston can use this image and the CEREC software to precisely design your new dental crown. Once the design is complete, it is stored in the computer.

Next, you will talk to Dr. Jeff to select the right type of ceramic for your crown. He will give you advice on the performance parameters and select the right shade to match your teeth. Then this ceramic block is placed inside the CEREC mill. Using a diamond grinder, the CEREC mill precisely fashions the crown to the exact specifications that Dr. Jeff created. This takes less than fifteen minutes!


Advantages of CEREC One Day Crowns

CEREC is a remarkable technology that has come of age in dentistry. Although most people don’t know about it, CEREC has been around for more than 25 years, and its users continue to grow in number. CEREC crowns are more popular because:

  • One day crowns are much more convenient
  • There is no need for a potentially poor-fitting and -wearing temporary crown
  • The all-ceramic restoration is highly aesthetic
  • CEREC dental restorations can be custom stained and glazed in office
  • CEREC dental restorations have a comparable life expectancy to other dental restorations
  • Your crown is saved on the computer. In the event it does get damaged, replacing it is as easy as opening the file and running the mill
To talk to Cherry Creek dentist Dr. Jeff Johnston about this remarkable technology, please contact Ascent Dental today for all your cosmetic dentistry needs.