Endodontics (Root Canals)

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Endodontic procedures, also called root canal, are procedures designed to save a damaged tooth. If successful, the treated tooth, which was often very painful before treatment, will not cause pain and can last a lifetime. Endodontics manages tooth pulp and the tissues around the root of the tooth. Endodontic procedures, though popularly represented as painful, are not generally very bad, and are much preferable to the pain of living with a compromised tooth. Stop dealing with tooth pain by scheduling an endodontics procedure with Ascent Dental in Cherry Creek, Denver.

Understanding a Root Canal & Tooth Structure

Your tooth is made up of three layers: strong, hard enamel surrounds tough, supportive dentin, which surrounds the tooth nerve. When bacteria attack your teeth, they can penetrate the outer layers of your teeth and eventually reach the tooth nerve inside. This can lead to extreme pain for you, and once your tooth nerve chamber has been reached, bacteria can travel through the root canal of the tooth to attack your jawbone. They can travel through the jawbone to attack other teeth, leading to multiple tooth loss, and damage to your jawbone may be difficult, if not impossible to reverse.

In a root canal procedure, the damaged pulp or nerve is removed. The nerve chamber is then sterilized, and the tooth is filled with materials that prevent re-infection. Finally, the tooth is covered with a highly protective dental crown.

Benefits of Fixing a Tooth That Needs a Root Canal

root canal is not really an optional treatment. If you have an infected tooth, you will continue to suffer injury as a result of that tooth. Something must be done. In most cases, root canal treatments are the best option because:

  • They have a 95% or higher success rate
  • They preserve your natural tooth, which may last for a lifetime
  • They are less expensive than dental implants
  • They can be completed much more quickly than dental implant procedures

Dental implants and other restoration options have their benefits, but in most cases, if your tooth can be saved with a root canal procedure.

Looking For A Dentist Specializing in Endodontics?

If you have a tooth that you feel might need a root canal, the sooner you act, the better. To discuss your treatment options with general dentist Dr. Jeff Johnston, please contact Ascent Dental today for an appointment with one of our client services representatives. Your oral hygiene is a top priority.