A gingivectomy is often performed on patients who have periodontal disease or who need to have the tissue around their teeth pushed back for another reason. The procedure is done in the office and you can go home the same day with aftercare instructions. Having a gingivectomy can put a stop to the progression of periodontal disease because it essentially removes the pockets that have formed around the teeth.

What is a Gingivectomy?

A gingivectomy is a surgical procedure where the gingival pockets that have formed around teeth due to periodontal disease are removed. This prevents bacteria, plaque and debris from getting into those pockets and causing further problems with the gums. The gingivectomy is also essential for removing infected and inflamed gum tissue.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Gingivectomy?

A thorough examination is needed to determine if you will benefit from having a gingivectomy done. Because the procedure is a surgery, you should expect to have about one month where you will need to follow aftercare cleansing instructions to ensure the success of the procedure. Some of the best candidates for a gingivectomy include:

  • Patients with periodontal disease and deep gingival pockets
  • Patients who are able to have oral surgery done without the risk of complications
  • Patients who are looking to put an end to their periodontal disease


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