Cerec Mentoring

I wanted to take a second and share my weekend with you.

This past weekend (Jan 27, 29 2012)  I headed out to The Scottsdale Center for dentistry in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Scottsdale Center for dentistry is a world renowned dental teaching facility and is one of the top teaching facilities in the United States. The Scottsdale Center is also a Cerec training capital.

As a mentor of Cerecdoctors.com (a online website and forum dedicated to Cerec education) we have the opprotunity to go to the Scottsdale Center and help with classes. These classes usually consist of a lecture and a lab component. While dentists are in the lab, mentors walk around and make sure they are doing ok, answering any questions they may have.

This was my first experience teaching postition. Getting asked about 100 questions a day and looking at different situations on the Cerec machine from others really allowed me to display my knowledge of Cerec. I have to say I was impressed with what I knew and have learned, especially in the last year.

Dentistry is like peeling an onion, there are many many layers. Great dentist spend their lives learning. Technology today is moving very fast and it can be challenging to keep up with its pace.

The future is really bright and I look forward to the challenge of a lifetime of dental education. A wise man once said, once we stop learning, we stop living.

Till next time

Dr. Jeff Johnston