Dental Tips for Traveling

It’s important to continue to maintain your oral health even when traveling. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t run into dental trouble on your vacation.

Before You Go

Before traveling, especially if you’re traveling out of the country, get a dental checkup to make sure you won’t be facing any major problems while traveling. But don’t get your checkup right before you go. Give yourself a month before you go. This is sufficient to get most dental issues resolved before your trip.

If you’re traveling outside the country, check on the state of dentistry and medicine in the area you’re visiting and whether it is recommended that you get care there if necessary. If you are traveling into the back country or to a place where dentistry may be more harmful than helpful, consider adding temporary dental cement to your first aid kit. This could help you manage a dental injury until you can get home and have your teeth treated.

Pick up travel supplies to ensure you have all the tools for taking proper care of your oral health. Travel size toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental flossers are good supplies. Flossers are a little better than regular dental floss for travel because it’s easier to carry one around with you for use if you get something stuck in your teeth at a meal.

While Traveling

Maintain your typical oral hygiene routine while traveling. This is hard, we know, but you should try it anyway.

Be aware of what you’re eating and drinking. It’s normal to drink more alcohol while traveling than at home. Make sure you’re staying hydrated so your body will continue to produce bacteria-fighting saliva. Also remember that wine is very acidic and can be damaging to teeth. Mixed drinks often contain sugar and acids, too. Beer is a better option. It’s not as acidic as wine or soda. Straight liquor with a water chaser is the best option.

End every meal with water to rinse your teeth and prevent the growth of cavities.

If You Have a Dental Emergency

If you have a dental emergency, don’t panic.

If you lose a filling, you can cover the area with dental cement. If you didn’t bring that, you can use wax.

If you lose a dental crown, clean it out and clean the tooth where it goes. Make sure it is properly inserted, then, if you want, you can use temporary cement to hold it in place.

If you crack a tooth, cover it with dental cement if you’re not in a place with good dental care, but see a dentist if you are.

If you experience spontaneous or lasting tooth pain, you may have a dental emergency that needs treatment no matter what. If you have a fever, excessive bad breath, or the area around the tooth is red, swollen, and painful, you may have an abscessed tooth that could be life threatening. Ask at the hotel or a guide about getting the tooth taken care of.

Hopefully, you won’t have any dental emergencies when traveling. As little as you may like the dentist at home, it’s much preferable to spending your vacation at the dentist’s office.

If you are considering travel and want to schedule a checkup before you go, please contact Ascent Dental in the Cherry Creek area of Denver.