Foods That Promote Good Oral Health

Taking good care of your oral health is just as important as taking care of your general and emotional health. Even if you dread going to the dentist, there are steps you can take right in your very own home and on your own time to help keep your teeth, gums and mouth in good condition.

Staying away from food and drinks that contain a lot of sugar (and other ingredients that can hinder your oral health) and eating more foods that promote good oral health is one way to take care of your mouth, and regular visits to your dentist in Denver combined with a healthy diet will do wonders for your oral health.

Let’s take a look at some foods that promote good oral health (and some even taste good, too!).

What Foods are Good for Your Teeth and Gums?

  • Kiwi contains more Vitamin C than any other fruit, and without Vitamin C, the collagen in your gums breaks down, your gums may become tender and more susceptible to the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. By eating just a few bites of Kiwi fruit, you give your mouth the boost of Vitamin C it needs to stay healthy.

  • Cheese, which is high in phosphate and calcium, balances the pH in the mouth, killing bacteria and preserving tooth enamel, which helps prevents cavities and gum disease.

  • Celery is a water-filled vegetable; chewing celery produces saliva and neutralizes the bacteria that cause cavities. Because it’s naturally abrasive, celery massages the gums and cleans between your teeth, so you get multiple oral health benefits with this delicious veggie.

  • Onions have strong sulfur compounds, which make them excellent for oral health; to get the maximum benefit from onions, it’s best to eat them uncooked. You may want to reserve this oral health promoter for a time you’re not going to be in the close company of someone else due to its strong odor.

  • Get your two scoops of raisins because these tasty treats contain phytochemicals like oleanolic acid that fight off the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.

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