How to Get Kids to Brush

I wanted to answer a question that I get asked almost every day which is, “how do I get my kids to brush more?” Number one make it fun for them. Number two do some positive reinforcement. I often hear a lot of stories about parents threatening their kids with horror stories about the dentist such as drills and needles they’ll experience if they don’t brush their teeth. That’s not really the right way to go there and not the best approach. You want to have positive experiences at the dentist because positive experiences at the dentist can lead to a lifetime of positive dental health.

So, let us talk about making brushing fun for kids. There’re all kinds of hygiene products out there at the store. One I really like is the Listerine Agent Code Blue. This will stain their teeth blue and then they can brush it off.  Another product I really like is the electronic battery-operated toothbrushes. There are all kinds of fun cartoon characters for your kids. They can pick their favorite one and that will make brushing a lot more fun. Also, get them a toothpaste they like. If they don’t like mint flavor don’t start them off with mint flavor, try bubblegum or grape. There are all kinds of different fun flavors to try. Most products available in the stores are very safe and normal for everyday kit brushing. If you have any questions feel free to call us at the Ascent Dental Group in Cherry Creek, Denver, or send us an email. The main point to take away is, making brushing a fun thing for kids to do.