My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt

Do You Have to go to The Dentist if Your Tooth Doesn’t Hurt?

Many patients think because they do not have pain associated with a tooth, this means the tooth does not need treatment. In most cases, if you wait it will be too late, and the infection or cavity will get worse. Teeth have nerves and blood supply, and our teeth can get attacked in various ways causing issues for patients.

Teeth usually do not hurt until the cavity or infection gets too close to the nerve inside the tooth. In many cases,  people wonder why you should go to the Dentist when you aren’t experiencing tooth pain and the reason is this, we like to be proactive and take care of the cavity or issue before it progressively gets worse. Treating a tooth helps prevent the patient from a terrible toothache later on.

We do not want the bacteria inside a tooth to get to the nerve, so we like to catch it before the cavity becomes too large to cause issues. Cracks in teeth also do not cause any pain until the crack grows and becomes inside the nerve space.

Periodontal Disease is another issue many patients face that in many cases shows no symptoms or pain. Plaque is under a patient’s gum line, and the bacteria releases acid that deteriorates the bone around the teeth. Many patients live with Periodontal Disease, and because they have no pain they do not realize there is an issue that needs attention.

Our body is very resistant to certain issues that cause pain, and our goal at Ascent Dental is to take care of these issues as soon as we see them to prevent the issue from getting worse.

After work is complete, many patients begin to complain of pain and this is normal. Removing bacteria structure from a tooth is a mini surgery, and patients may experience pain after a procedure while the area is healing.

We want patients to trust us and know we are working in their best interest. Even though there is no pain associated with an issue, fixing the tooth is important to prevent larger problems down the road.

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