Up and Running

Here we go!

Its opening day for us here at Ascent Dental Group. We are finally up and running! Its been a very long year for me and with tons of hard work, I have finally created a dental office I have always dreamed of having.

After graduating dental school in San Antonio, TX, (2004) I decided to stay in San Antonio and work for a dentist as an associate. Things soon slowed down and the dentist could not keep me busy. After about 4-5 of these associate rotations with different dentists, I decided I needed a change! Having no kids, no wife, or nothing to hold me back, I moved to Colorado in Feb. of 2006, (why? skiing, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, etc!) and started working for a private group office. As an independent contractor to this office, I was the only dentist in the office and was not any ones understudy anymore. I worked here for 2 and a half years. Finally, it came time for me to make a decision, the owner wanted me to buy into the office and I had decided not to, that I could establish a better office. After about a year of looking at rental spaces, spaces to buy, existing dental offices for sale, I decided to build my own and start from scratch. Not an easy road to take by any means! I picked the Cherry Creek area, because it was a central location in Denver, and my fiance and I live in a small condo in the area. (If your wondering, I am getting married Sept 19, 2009 hopefully in the mountains).

Why the Ascent Dental Group name? I pondered many many names, and everyone had their own opinion! I wanted an (A) for alphabetical purposes and top listings, I also wanted something mountain related, Ascent – like ascending a mountain. Group? Well lets just say I don’t want to be by myself forever, this implies future growth.

In May of 2008, I signed a rather scary (lengthy and pricey) rental agreement and dug in. No, literally I dug in! The space I rented needed a decent size remodel, so I put on some gloves and started tearing down the walls, ripping up the floor, and hauling the demo trash down to the dumpster. Before I knew it, I had done the demolition to this space all myself! Construction commenced and finally finished (the contractor also allowed me to paint, to save money of course, so I enjoyed hours of painting fun!) If you have ever done any construction then you are aware of all the problems that can come up.

Then the shopping began! (And of course more “sign your life away”, loans for dental equipment, working capital, computers, etc.) I have hit every store in Denver I think to find the best deal for decorating, office supplies, furniture, etc.

Long story short, this summer (2008) has been a wild ride with architects, contractors, dental equipment salesmen, marketing reps,bankers, loaners, lawyers, CPA’s, plumbers, electricians, HVAC guys, landlords, store reps, dental material reps, employee interviewing, Craigslist, logo designers, you name it! I have learned so much this summer of 2008 by being so involved with this project and the decisions/ it required.

Now we are open, and now I am learning patience! Its been somewhat slow, but we are getting some people in. Its so exciting to see peoples faces when they come in the office! They are excited about seeing a TV above the chair, a couch in the reception room and the numerous other details I have put into the place to make your visit more comfortable. I think of this place as a result of all my past growing pains, from all the dental offices I worked in and for, a collaboration of all the ideas I have seen from these offices.

My enjoyment is getting to treat you, its even more enjoyable when I hear you say you had a great experience.

See you in the chair. (remember I even splurged on the massaging one)