We are finally moved!

1001687_10151719526634326_1993406017_n (1)5 years ago I started Ascent Dental from scratch with a vision. I selected a great space for that long term vision and began my journey. Fast forward 5 years and here we are, at a brand new facility. Why the move? My 5 year contract expired and renegotions began,  unfortunately a deal was not reached. Life goes on. I found another great space and I started over with building a new practice at a new location. (not very far from the old location)  This time I got to build it completely from the ground up and exactly how I wanted (the last space was retrofitted). My contractor did an amazing job with helping me get to this point and would like to thank her. (Jo Temmer – Northstar Construction). Be assured we will be here a while (as I signed a 10 year deal. Moving has not been fun (is it ever?), equipment has been minorly damaged and the stresses of construction / moving got between my office manager and I. (she resigned last week)
All aside we are back up and running! I look forward to being in this office and treating you. I am assured you will find the new office an improvement and will enjoy it.
Thank you for all your patientce.
See you soon
-Dr. Johnston

Here are some pictures of the new space