Oral Cancer / Velscope

Most of us are familiar with cancer. Its crossed our path in one way or another during our lifetime. We don’t necessarily know why we get it but unfortunately it happens. We don’t know why we get it but we do know how. Cancer (all forms) is mainly caused by problems with cell replication. Daily […]

Most Dental Problems are Silent

Daily, I get asked from patients, if I am not having pain, why do I have to get a filling? Like cancer and heart disease in the body, most dental problems are silent. Lets look at a few silent dental problems. Cavities When a cavity starts to hurt, that is when it is almost too […]

Cleanings Only?

Cleanings Only? 11/6/2010 We have had a number of calls to the office asking us if we did cleanings only, as a new patient. When our reply is no, they get upset, say their goodbyes and move on. I want to take a moment and explain why our office doesn’t do cleanings only. If seen […]