Cleanings Only?

Cleanings Only?
We have had a number of calls to the office asking us if we did cleanings only, as a new patient. When our reply is no, they get upset, say their goodbyes and move on. I want to take a moment and explain why our office doesn’t do cleanings only.
If seen as a patient for the first time, total dental care is our responsibility the moment you walk in the office. If we do a cleaning only, its possible an abnormal dental condition could be overlooked. We take dental radiographs to aide in the detection of abnormalities. If dental radiographs are not taken, again an abnormal dental condition could be neglected to be detected.
It is in your best interest to have a exam and dental radiographs completed with your first visit with us, as this is the only way we can give you an accurate diagnosis and description of your dental health. We want you to receive the best care possible with us and to know we treat everyone individually as we are all unique. We ask for your understanding. It is for these reasons, our standard of care is set to involve dental radiographs and an exam with our cleanings. If there are further questions on this subject, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.
-Jeff Johnston, DDS