Do you feel metal fillings are safe?

Over the last 10-15 years, major controversy has been associated with metal (mercury) fillings. It has been banned in 5 countries within the last 10 years. The FDA has cleared the fillings as safe with a study completed in 2008. However, in 2011 the FDA plans on reopening an investigation on metals fillings safeness.

A few things come into play:

Most dental insurance companies only pay for metal fillings.

The ADA and the insurance companies refuse to say metal fillings have any health risks. Due to the controversy, I have decided not to do metal fillings at Ascent Dental. I also leave the decision strictly up to the patient if they want to update their metal fillings or not. After all its YOUR mouth / body, not mine. If I see a cracked or broken down metal filling, I will suggest replacing it. My gut feeling – Sometime in my career, they will be banned…

I am on the fence and see both sides of the argument.