What To Do During A Dental Emergency

What You Should Know Need emergency dental help? Ascent Dental Group is here for you. We offer immediate, same-day care in Denver and Cherry Creek. And if you’re not sure what to do before you come to our office, read on for some dental emergency advice that will help you stay prepared. Dental Emergencies Can […]

Signs That You Are Flossing Too Much

Can You Floss Too Much & When to Floss We all know the importance of properly brushing and flossing our teeth to maintain good oral health and lengthen the lifespan of our teeth. After all, no one wants to lose their teeth to decay or periodontal disease (gum disease), so it’s important that brush and […]

Denture Myths and Facts

Don’t Believe These Denture Myths About 90% of people without teeth wear dentures. They’re an effective, economical, and attractive way to replace lost teeth. Unfortunately, people have many misconceptions about dentures. Here are a few of these myths and the actual truth you should know. Myth: I have to choose dentures or dental implants. Truth: […]

When Should Children Lose Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth play an important role in helping your children’s jaw develop. And they can be a great set of trial teeth for learning oral hygiene. But when it’s time for them to go, they have to get out of the way and make room for your child’s permanent teeth. When to Expect Your Child’s […]

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Run?

Hopefully you’re running because you enjoy the sport, and not, say, because you are being chased by a bear. The problem is, tooth pain can ruin any activity, including running. So why does tooth pain often come from running. Increased Sensitivity The most common reasons why your teeth might hurt while running is because your […]

Treating White Spots on Teeth

Most of the time, we think of discolored teeth as being darkened by stains, but it’s actually very common for people to get discolored white spots on teeth. These are often early signs of decay. If properly cared for, they are not necessarily damaging, but many people find them unattractive and want to remove them […]

Dental Tips for Traveling

It’s important to continue to maintain your oral health even when traveling. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t run into dental trouble on your vacation. Before You Go Before traveling, especially if you’re traveling out of the country, get a dental checkup to make sure you won’t be facing any major problems […]

How to Treat Halitosis

Halitosis is the scientific name of bad breath. Bad breath is primarily caused by mouth bacteria. If you want, you could try to schedule an appointment with Hollywood’s Halitosis expert, who, apparently, charges nearly $3000 to analyze your breath and offer you solutions. However, proper oral hygiene, including regular dental visits, can limit halitosis. What […]

How Often Should I Change My Toothbrush?

The short answer is: more often. The American Dental Association recommends that you change your toothbrush 4 times a year (every three months), but most Americans only change their toothbrush once or twice a year. You should also change your toothbrush after suffering a bacterial illness. Why You Need to Change Your Toothbrush There are […]

Reasons Why Flossing Is Important

Flossing is essential to maintaining your oral and general health. If you don’t floss, you are much more likely to suffer not only dental problems, but also serious health conditions that are not just expensive to treat—they are life-threatening. Why You Should Floss Dental floss cleans the space between the teeth and along the gumline. […]

10 Tips for Whiter Teeth

Discolored teeth can make you look unhealthy or prematurely aged. Here are 10 good tips for keeping your teeth looking whiter and healthier. 1: Fake It with a Tan or Lipstick If you can’t get your teeth white, you can always try making them look whiter. Certain shades of lipstick as well as a tan […]

Why Oral Hygiene Is Important

Oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your health on a daily basis. It can have an impact not only on your oral health, but on your entire body. Oral Hygiene Can Prevent Periodontal Disease Periodontal disease is when your gums become infected. Bacteria start out clinging to the […]

Electric Toothbrush vs. Regular

It’s possible to get good oral hygiene with both regular and electric toothbrushes. Both types of toothbrushes have benefits, so either one may be right for you. Benefits of a Regular Toothbrush A regular toothbrush has many benefits to recommend it, including: Inexpensive Require no electricity Convenient for travel Often more comfortable to hold These […]

When to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Although most people seem to need their wisdom teeth removed, it’s not always necessary. It’s important to remember that removing wisdom teeth is not always recommended. However, there are many reasons why you might want your wisdom teeth removed, such as: They cause crowding and orthodontic problems They cause pain They have become infected They […]